Al-Islamia Institute for Education

Headteachers Welcome

Assalamu Alaykum

Al-Islamia is a registered charity, founded in 2006, which, at present operates an independent Islamic Pre-School and Primary for children aged 2 to 11 years old. We are determined to provide a wholesome learning, teaching and nurturing environment underpinned by Islamic values. 

We serve a diverse community and underpin our teaching and learning with our mission statement, which is to promote IKHLAS. IKHLAS is an Arabic term that refers to sincerity and commitment. The word is also used as an acronym to reflect our values, which promote: Inspirational Kind Healthy Living Leadership Aspiration Spirituality

We are constantly developing how we support and provide a space for our community, and our highly anticipated move to College Street will galvanise our ability to promote and develop a space for learning and support for our school and wider community. Visit our DONATE page for more details.

We have built a strong and motivated school community over the course of our 13-year establishment, and are grateful to the opportunity afforded to us by the Almighty to serve His people in this way. Despite the economical challenges we face as an independent school, our staff work tirelessly and innovatively to prepare and deliver engaging and interesting learning tasks. Due to this, our school is not simply a place for education – it is also a space for children to develop the necessary foundational self-development and inter-personal tools and skills they will need to confidently take their place in society as Muslim leaders and contributers of Britain and the wider world.

We welcome visitors – guidance permitting – and would love to show you and/or your family and children around our school. While we are implementing government guidelines for COVID-19, we hope that a stroll through our website gives you a flavour of our school family. When restrictions are lifted, we invite you to contact the School Office to arrange for a visit. We plan to organise Open Days when we move, so watch this space!

Information that is published on our website can be requested in paper form by contacting the School Office – see our Contact Details for further information.

We hope to see you soon.


Molana Zubair

Head Teacher