Al-Islamia Institute for Education


Al-Islamia’s Primary Curriculum

We approach the construction of our curriculum with our aims at the forefront of our planning:

  • Celebrate who we are
  • Become the best we can 

Every subject, topic and unit of work has been carefully curated and considered so our pupils receive a broad education that is self-reflective and aspirational.

Further information about our curriculum schemes of work and content can be found in our Curriculum Policy.

This page outlines our Curriculum and the organisation of the learning content for our Primary-aged students. Here, you will find our Progression Maps and Curriculum Maps* for this academic year.

Reading is a fundamental aspect of learning progression. The effect on early literacy during the pandemic has been inevitable, and it is vital that this is addressed effectively to enable children to continue on their learning journey effectively. We urge parents of all children, particularly those in Year 1, to read with their children as much as possible.

Decoding (using phonics to segment and blend words) can be practiced with high-quality books available for free on Oxford Owl’s eLibrary for Home: Parents can further support children’s progress with reading fluency by signing up to Reading Eggs, which is a highly-acclaimed and affordable app. Further information about Reading Eggs can be found here:

*Please note that the Curriculum Maps have been edited in light of the adaptations that were made due to class closures and the National Lockdown caused by the pandemic. We have worked with our teachers to ensure that curriculum coverage has remained broad, and that content has been prioritised to ensure readiness for the next academic year.

Curriculum Maps


Progression Maps: