Al-Islamia Institute for Education

Remote Learning

Remote Learning will be delivered via Google Classroom and Learning Packs.

Staff have been working with parents to set up accounts for every child. It is vital that parents keep a record of the email address and password created for Google Classroom so children can continue to access learning.

A tutorial for using Google Classroom as a student can be accessed below:

Children will NOT be submitting classwork via Google Classroom. Learning Packs will be returned each week to be reviewed by the class teachers.

Further information about Remote Learning can be found in the Guidance document provided with the first learning pack, and linked below for your reference:

After a week of Remote Learning, we are pleased to have found that over 95% of our student body are able to access the live teaching sessions. However, we realise that there may be instances where children may not be able to attend live, so the relevant teaching material will be uploaded to Google Classroom by the end of each day. Teaching material will remain online for no more than two weeks to avoid confusion.

What We Will Deliver

Maths – daily
Writing – daily
Phonics/Spelling (KS1) – daily
Reading – daily
Science or Topic – 3 times a week
PSHRE – once a week
Creative Learning/Catch-Up/Wellbeing with class teacher- once a week

Each class will have a weekly assembly with Molana.

Handwriting and spelling activities will be set for daily independent practice – for at least 20-minutes per day.

Weekly activities will be planned and provided to ensure that children engage with a broad curriculum.

We will send home an activity calendar each month. We encourage families to complete the activities so children and families remain active. These have been kindly organised and published by Steph at The most recent calendars are included below:

On Fridays, we will delay the second break for KS2 to 12.45pm. This will allow children wishing to attend Jumu’ah prayers to do so while also being able to complete live learning sessions.

Below are the class timetables:

We have organised individual reading times for every child, including those receiving Reading Intervention. Extracts for reading practice will be uploaded to children’s individual Streams. This is in addition to the reading books that children will receive in their Learning Packs.

In addition, children in KS2 who are receiving Phonics Intervention will meet at a scheduled time with their teacher to continue this provision. Please see your email and your child’s Class Stream for further details.

The document below is a summary of our Remote Learning provision that the DfE would like parents to know:

Please use the form at the end of this page to ask questions regarding Home Learning only. For all other queries, please email: